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How to Avoid the Bachelor Pad That Will Send Women Screaming For the Hills

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

Yours, Mine or Ours host Taylor Spellman explains what women like in a home.

On the one hand, a man living on his own is exciting because it means he doesn’t have a roommate and is attempting to be an adult. On the other hand a man living on his own means that there is a man…making design decisions…on his own. This can lead to some rather sketchy and harrowing end results.

Here are some do’s and don'ts when it comes to the "Art of the Bachelor Pad."

1. Couch

First off, yah know whats cool about a huge black leather couch the size of your entire living room? Nothing. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. I know the argument is “its comfortable and it hides stains well!” You're a hundred years old, so lets not talk about the couch like we’re preparing for an influx of toddlers to pass through. At this point, your primary motivation behind picking a pleather couch shouldn't be that post chicken wing spill you can Windex.

Pick a fabric. Lets evolve. And remember, just because it’s a big living room doesn’t mean the couch needs to seat 76 people. Your glory days at the Frat House are long behind you.

2. Glassware

No one wants to come to your home after a nice night out and consider hooking up with you while drinking wine out of a solo cup. I know you're busy, but make sure to carve out time for the ever elusive task of purchasing some glassware. 

3. Bedding

This is critical. Clean, sexy, plush, and preferably white. Spend the extra money. Take the extra time. Walking in only to find some flannel leftovers from your college twin set is horrifying. Help her help you. 

4. The Command Center

I’m very passionate about what I call “The Command Center."

Pretty much every man on the planet walks in the door and puts down his walletalong side some random collection of spare change and lint. Have a designated space where these items can live. An entryway table, the closest countertop, your dresser. Wherever that space is, make sure there’s a bowl for the ever growing spare change collection, a phone charger and a tray or basket for bills and whatever random papers are floating around. Having this all is one place not only makes your life easier, but also makes it look like you’re adult-ing. And women like that.

XO - T

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