It probably doesn't come as a surprise when I say my life is a whirlwind of design. My days begin by visiting jobs, are intersected with client meetings, and end in shopping trips to find the perfect accessories (not to mention I practically fluff pillows in my sleep). Constantly having multiple design jobs under my belt can get extremely overwhelming, but I've broken it down to a science and I'm here to share the wealth. These are the design tips that I live by to give every room #TheTaylorTouch.


1. 2:2:1

Arrange your throw pillows in a 2:2:1 ratio. No matter what your sofa looks like, adding symmetry will automatically make it look one hundred times better.

2. Always chop your pillows

Sit them up straight, give them a quick karate chop, and adjust accordingly. Nobody likes sad-looking pillows.

3. Throw a throw

Draping a blanket over the arm of your sofa immediately makes your living space look more homey and welcoming.

368 Gates Ave Unit 2__7.jpg

4. Hang pendants three feet above surfaces

This is my general rule of thumb. It gives the best sight lines while still allowing your chandelier to be a statement.

5. Use produce as decor

Placing a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter or dining table is an extremely easy way to make a neutral room look more alive.

6. Add extra seating wherever possible

Having ample seating is important in any space. Take advantage of long kitchen islands by adding bar stools that are great for entertaining.

Living Room.jpg

7. Disperse color

The key to designing with pops of color is applying it evenly throughout your space. 

8. Up and out

Hang your curtains as high and wide as possible to give the illusion of larger windows and taller ceilings. The extra light is a bonus.

9. Fill the space

Don't let any corner go untouched. Making use of an entire room actually makes it appear larger.


10. Hang at eye level

Wall art should sit at eye level, about fifty-seven inches off of the ground.

11. Vary art pieces

Mixing framed art, mirrors, and canvas' makes your space look less redundant, and actually gives your decor a more cohesive look.

12. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors bounce light around a room, and instantly makes even the smallest space look larger and brighter.

368 Gates Ave Unit 2__6.jpg

13. Ground your rugs

A rug should never float in the middle of your space. Make sure the feet of your furniture always sit on top of your rug.

14. Place things in trays

Styling with trays allows you to add more while making it looks like less. They're perfect for odd groupings of objects in any room of your home. 

15. Invest in coffee table books

I can pretty much guarantee you will never actually read one of these, but purchasing coffee table books adds to the story of your space.


These finishing touches are crucial for me to finish any design (but may not always be the most obvious). I've learned that it's the small details that matter most when designing a picture-perfect space. Now your home can, too, have #TheTaylorTouch.

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