Is it just me, or does the Fall keep getting colder? Maybe it’s my denial that we’re already nearing November, but I absolutely don’t remember ever wearing my parka this early in the season. I think my fellow New Yorkers can attest. But, here’s one positive aspect to the absurd decline in temperature… The colder it gets, the more socially acceptable it becomes to spend my nights indoors, in sweats, and in the middle of drinking wine. Always gotta look on the bright side.

If you like to spend your evenings in a similar fashion (or even if you don’t) it’s probably time for a good seasonal refresh. What better way to maximize your homes comfort than with some new pieces in a warm, Autumn color palette? Keep reading for some ways that I love to incorporate red, orange, and yellow to create cozy designs.

71 Murray__2.jpg

There is not one cold thing about this space. A fluffy shag rug, fur throw, and some pops of orange to really remind you what time of year it is.

432 West 52nd Street Apt 1F__4.jpg

Neutral space? Warm it up with a pop of color in the pillows and the wall art. Finish the space off by draping a throw blanket over your side chair for easy access on those extra chilly nights.

October Blog.jpg

A recipe for the perfect Fall movie night:

  • 1 Large Sectional Sofa

  • 6 Colorful Throw Pillows

  • 2 Buckets of Homemade Popcorn

Dim the lights, and let sit for 90-120 minutes. You may end up falling asleep, but who could blame you in a room this cozy?

XO_Black on White.png

Photos Courtesy of Rich Caplan