Hello and Happy May! It's hard to believe that we have already survived the first four months of 2018, especially with the way the Winter chill has been hanging on for dear life. But, rest assured, the sun has finally started to shine in New York, and if you're anything like me, you've been waiting for this moment to begin your Spring Cleaning! (And if you're not, here is your motivation to start...)

Year after year, I lug multiple Hefty bags of trash out to the curb, and then I'm hit with the realization that my apartment is actually more spacious than I remembered. If you, too, find that you have some awesome unused space hidden underneath your clutter, it's probably time to refresh a little. But maybe you're stuck on how to fill that corner under the stairs or next to your sofa, so here's a few ways that I've resolved that issue in hopes to inspire your own awkward space solutions...


It doesn't get more New York than living in a trendy Brooklyn loft, but sometimes stairs can be a major waste of space. Instead of letting this corner go untouched, I extended the kitchen area with a small storage cart. To accessorize, I followed the angle of the stairs with some sick art and a potted plant to make this moment complete.

AUG SHOOTS__35.jpg

Every home deserves to have a beautiful entryway, so I transformed this little nook into exactly that. I paired the accent table with a large mirror that tricks the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is. There's no other place I'd rather take a final glance at myself before rushing out of the door every morning.

25 Columbus Circle Apt 54AG--day shoot__7.jpg

This apartment is a statement in and of itself, which made it important to accentuate the already existing features. I pulled gray tones from the marble flooring and incorporated them in a rounded chair that mocks the curve of the staircase, and artwork that draws they eye towards the tall ceilings.


This nook was more fun to design than anything, despite it's odd size and placement. The metal sideboard is great for storage while tying into the aesthetic of the apartment. I accessorized with other vintage pieces to create one cohesive moment.

Trust me when I say, not knowing how to occupy a strange corner in your home is probably the best problem to have. Finding any bit of extra space, especially living in New York, is a true God send. Be creative when deciding how to occupy your newfound space, and make it something meaningful to you. Happy Spring Cleaning!