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With summer fast approaching, bright colors and rich tones are emerging alongside the tan skin, bikini bods, and aviators – all of which I will gladly welcome. The summertime provides a perfect atmosphere for releasing a modern color palette, which helps liven up the world of grey that lingers from the cold winter. Working with a modern color scheme is not always the easiest task to accomplish, but with these helpful ideas perhaps you can find the right fit to update your space and prepare for the sunny months ahead.


Add A Spark

One of the best ways to add some spark to any room is the presence of yellow (or gold, knowing my taste) to accent the space. 


Vaugh Chair from Target 

This chair is bold, bright, and the perfect furniture piece to expand upon a plain room palette. 


 Gold Lamp from West Elm

A statement accessory, like this gold ceramic geo lamp, provides the perfect opportunity to create a flowing environment that allows for the inclusion of other jewel toned pieces. 


Chic Statements

Not sure if you want to commit to the entire yellow-gold chair in your room?  Baby steps.

Velvet Bench from Jonathan Adler 

A small, yet still colorful, bench or ottoman like this velvet x-bench may be just the item you need. Velvet is a huge trend and adding an element of velvet to a room (no matter how large or small) is a surefire way to show off major levels of chic.

 Star Figure from Target 

In keeping with the modern style, tabletop decor provides a statement that adds to a space and its environment. This metal star figurine with - you guessed it- gold finish, is an object that attracts attention and creates an interesting and inviting area.

Bold Details

For other room decor, I like to use unique pieces and color combinations as a way to stand out from the crowd (clearly). 


Metallic Vase from West Elm 

An unusual vase showcases elegant style that spices up a dreary setting. A metallic element is striking and acts as an art piece in itself (but flowers or soft greens take it to the next level).

Drip Tray from Jonathan Adler 

 For something seriously bold, this colorful drip tray could be just the item for your space. A bit more organic feeling, it is a functional piece that immediately offers a more modern and stylistic palette. 


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