Between big price tags and an overwhelming number of options, choosing wall art is incredibly fun while also being potentially daunting. So I’m here to help!

Discovering ways to create your own wall art is more budget friendly & allows you to make exactly what you envisioned within the space you’re designing. (And remember, the wall art doesn’t always have to fit into your space…it can be incredibly fun to build a room AROUND a piece of art!)

I’ve picked out some DIY wall art ideas that the average human being can construct with minimal supervision (hopefully) and provide a finishing touch to those bare walls to complete your space.  

Paint Your Own Masterpiece!

Don’t be scared. I cannot overstate the benefit of simply buying a canvas, some paint and brushes, and just letting your creative juices flow. It does not have to be a painting fit for a museum, the art work you create can consist of a brush stroke pattern that you liked and be as abstract as you please, anything goes. If you don’t trust your free hand artistry, you can also use sponges, stamps, tape, etc. to forge a painting fit for your space.    


Frame Fabric or Wallpaper Swatches

Framing fabric or wallpaper swatches is a cheap & easy way to add some character to your walls with minimal effort. Stapling fabric or wallpaper to the back of Styrofoam or plywood allows you to cut the wall art to any size, and you can even add a monogram to fabrics or use a template to paint one onto wallpaper, if you want to.

Reflections Can Be Cool

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Mirrors are not only attention grabbing, but a great way to add dimension to a space. Large statement mirrors can get expensive so, depending on your budget, there are other ways to incorporate this style into your space. Collect multiple tiny mirrors and arrange them artistically on your wall, or break cheap mirrors and place the shards in whatever way you see fit. (And PLEASE wear gloves/protective gear for that last one…let me make those mistakes for you.)  

Reflections Are Cool

If you’re a little superstitious and don’t want to even begin calculating the bad luck you’d have after breaking multiple mirrors for the sake of design, you can choose to paint over an old mirror (or the glass in a picture frame) with chalkboard paint to create something completely different. With this new creation, you can use chalk to doodle, make to-do lists or whatever else sparks your creativity, hang it on the wall and boom! Art meets function.

Succulent Wall Art

This one may take a bit more time and effort, but it’s certainly a one-of-a-kind art piece & an amazing way to incorporate nature into a space. Use a picture frame sized to fit your space (I recommend smaller rather than larger so the piece doesn’t become too heavy to hang) and create a miniature garden of whatever succulents you choose. 

Succulents require very little water and sunlight to survive, so they are the perfect plant to live indoors – and on your wall. Click here for instructions on how to create your own hanging succulent wall art. Also, if you want this look but are a bit timid about having a real-life garden hanging on your wall, you can create a similar look by substituting the real things for replicas (i.e. fake succulents). No shame in faking it!