So! You’re ready to leave your tiny little starter apartment and move into a new house…your family is growing and its time to sell! This. Is. Exciting.

90% of buyers start their search online so this means the photos you post need to really count. Once you get potential buyers through the door you have to quickly capture their attention with a great design that speaks clearly and gets you all to the signing table. This is where staging comes in. Staging gets a bad wrap and for very good reason. It’s usually terrible. So lets talk about how to change that and sell your home!

I’d like to start with some staging DONT’S. QUESTION: who thought it was a good idea to set every table in the house with wine glasses styled next to some plastic fruit? Actually, now that I think of it, its probably the same person who thought it was a neat plan to put out a tray with champagne glasses perched on the edge of the bed. In the history of living has anyone ever made their bed and then left the champagne glasses out? No. Never. Stop being weird and just make the bed.

Another absurd idea is that you're supposed to bake cookies so the house smells nice. Lets get real, no one has time for the pre-showing Cinnabon session. If you’re able to buy some Oreos for your kids bake sale and remember to put the vacuum away you're killin’ it.

So the question becomes, what should you do? Here are some tips that will get your house on and off the market quick!


FAMILY PHOTOS: This is one tip that stands the test of time. I know you love the huge photo over the fireplace where you and the whole family are wearing adorable matching white button downs while standing on a sand dune. This is cute and all but a potential buyer doesn’t want to see it. Make it easy for them to envision their own family in this home. Save the beach pic for the next house and replace it with a simple two tone canvas.


FLOWER POWER: Fake flowers as a whole are pretty beat. As a general rule of thumb one should try and steer clear of them. But especially for showings, a vase of real flowers (even from your backyard or the grocery store) will go a long way.


BEDDING: The chances of you and the buyer having the same exact taste is slim. One way to help them imagine themselves in your home is by using very plain white bedding. It’s clean and fresh and lets this person really see the space without being distracted by some unsettling pattern…or stain. #Eww

Kenneth Chen 42LISPENARD_3FL_hires_0000_preview.jpeg

PAINT: I cant tell you how many times I’m in a space and the potential buyer says, “Well I really don't like the color of the master bedroom.” Ummmm….you know you can just paint it right?!!?! It blows my mind that they can’t seem to get past it but its a very real thing. A fresh coat of paint will absolutely make for a quicker sale. My Go-To is Benjamin Moore, White Sand.


HOUSE TINDER: Your pictures count. You have just a couple seconds to grab their attention and you know everyones judging these photos…hard. Make sure to get your home camera ready and take the best photos you can. Don’t make them swipe left.

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